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Koh Phangan is an island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand (Southern Region). It is about 100 km. from Surat Thani Province and about 15 km from the famous Koh Samui Island.
Koh Phangan is the largest of Samui's neighboring islets with an area of 168 sq km. Over 70% of its total area is mountains and tropical forest. Lowlands are beaches and coconut fields.
About 8,000 people live on Koh Phangan. Some are Chinese, whose ancestors migrated from China more than hundred years ago. The main population lives in Thongsala Town.
Standard Thai is used as the official language but the southern dialect is more widely spoken among the local people. English is understood in business circles and tourist areas.
More than 95% of the population are Buddhist but there are few Muslims in Ban Tai village.
Koh Phangan is a district (Amphoe) of Surat Thani Province in Southern Region of Thailand. It is separated into 3 sub-districts (Tambon)--:Tambon Koh Phangan, Tambon Bantai and Tambon Koh Tao.
The most important product of Koh Phangan is coconut. Each month Koh Samui and Koh Phangan produce more than 1 million coconuts export to Bangkok.Others are fishing and tourism business
With Samui's accommodations fast going upmarket, Koh Pha Ngan has become the favorite destination for the backpack set and those with a stronger spirit of adventure.Pha Ngan is almost as big as Samui, and lies off the latter's north shore, in clear view and just a half-hour boat ride away Pha Ngan is almost as big as Samui, and lies off the latter's north shore, in clear view and just a half-hour boat ride away. But Pha Ngan is much less developed, having only a rudimentary system of rough tracks criss-crossing the island and linking only some of the beaches. Over a hundred small budget bungalow resorts ring the island, offering a range of accommodation from extremely remote and semi-primitive to the moderately priced, comfortable places that completely line Haad Rin beach, which also has a small village with restaurants, discos and bars This is also site of the famous Full Moon Party, when thousands gather on the same beach for the rising of the full moon from the sea. Pha Ngan is easily accessed by daily ferry boats from Suratthani, or from Maenam and Bophut piers in Samui. These boats call at Thong Sala and Haad Rin from where many resorts are accessed by pickup truck over rough tracks. A few can only be reached by small boat. Some resorts have perched individual huts up on high, rocky points and in other off-beat, natural settings. There are few telephones on Pha Ngan and the resorts have to generate their own electricity while some bungalows offer only oil lamps. The up-market Panvimarn Resort, which commands spectacular views across a double-beach bay on the northeast corner is the only exception to the basic bungalow accommodation, Koh Pha Ngan is particularly beautiful, being high and rugged, with rocky headlands of huge granite boulders separating the many tropical beaches set in coves lined with coconut palms.